Drag & drop emails and attachments from outlook to any browser

Version 4.1 released 3rd February 2017

If you need to move attachments from emails or even the whole message in Outlook into browser based web applications, you know that the default process is painful. You have to get the files onto your filesystem, then drag them to your web application and then you need to delete the file from your filesystem. Outlook Drag Drop turns this all into a single, one step process. Just drag files or messages directly from Outlook to your web browser.

Drag & Drop to browser

With this Add-In you enable the drag & drop functionality to drag and drop an outlook email or attachment to your browser.

  • Compatible with any Microsoft Outlook version (2010 – 2016)
  • Full message and attachment support
  • Easy to install
  • One-time payment. No restrictions, lifetime license
  • Support with implementation possible. (not free)


To ensure the compatibility of our application we made sure to test every version of Microsoft Outlook and every web application.

You won’t even notice the application is installed when you drag and drop your items to the web.

  • Microsoft Outlook

    Our windows application is compatible with any version of Microsoft Outlook.

  • Browser

    You can drag and drop attachments from Microsoft Outlook to any browser. Tested on latest version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.

  • Web Applications

    The drag and drop functionality works for every application that has drag and drop enabled. Tested on Dropbox, Slack, Zoho, Gmail, Onenote, Evernote, Huddle, Flickr, Basecamp, Box, Google Docs, Deskpro, Onedrive, Onenote, Probinder, Smartimage, Igloo, Sharepoint, Atlassian, DF studio, Smugmug, Yahoo Mail.